Race for Money

If I give you the Earth today, you'll ask for Mars tomorrow. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


Dreams do come true if we apply efforts. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


If my mind is pure I don't need to pray. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


The more the beauty, the more the danger for the beauty itself and for the visitors. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Live More

People say they can die for their most favorite things. I say I should live more instead. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


Nothing is impossible in this world; it is just that I haven't tried it yet. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


No agenda in life is the best agenda of life! Try it. You will enjoy living again. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Conserve Gas

Conserve gas… Fart in a jar! - Bhavesh Chhatbar


When you cross 50, your young age becomes old, but your old age is new-born. So enjoy it! - Bhavesh Chhatbar


For humans, GOD is those things that they do not understand — like Amarnath Shivling. For me, GOD is everything that I understand or don't, be it an atom of a rusted metal piece. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


Species of human beings has evolved so much that it has quit from the natural evolution process. Instead, it is now evolving other species according to its own need! - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Mud Anger

Don't get angry if a car splashes mud on you. Washing the car's butt is more costly than your clothes. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Cup of Poison

Today when I hurt someone very close to my heart, a cup of tea soon after, was filled with poison. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Be Positive

React and spread positive, the world will be a better place. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Past and Future

Past is not for cursing, Future is not for wasting; Past is for learning, Future is for implementing. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


If something is better than nothing, why do we opt for something? - Bhavesh Chhatbar


Evil behaviour is like an injury. If you keep behaving bad, the injury will keep itself injured, or even add to it. If you want to recover your injury, medicate it with good thoughts, good acts, good deeds. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Nice Links

Hello Friends,

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- Bhavesh Chhatbar


Good and bad are just different perspectives. The truth is nothing. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


In nature, there is no limit to how large a thing can be or how small it can be. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


Before blaming someone, do we ask ourselves whether we are not to be blamed for anything in life? - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Everyone is Beautiful and Special

Everyone is beautiful and special; it's just a perception that makes someone look that way or not! - Bhavesh Chhatbar

What's Common Between Photographs and Nature?

What's common between photographs and nature? Both don't need words to express. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

A Mind Without Control

A mind without control is like an airplane without a joystick. It's bound to crash. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Definition of a Respectable Human Being

There are 2 definitions of a respectable human being… One is defined by us — humans; Original is defined by the nature. Both are contradicting each other, outbalancing the nature and human behavior. According to humans, a respectable human being is a person who has achieved a good financial and social status. He/she believes in relationship (may be for business, may be personal), which tightens and adds power to the society in fighting the inconveniences caused by nature. He/she does this even if it creates inconveniences between and within humans. He/she knows how to attract and use people, how to be in fame. According to nature, a respectable human being is a person who as far as possible doesn't use the resources unless required for food and shelter. He/she is a person who respects himself/herself, the nature and all the living & non-living things, even a piece of rock. The reason why GOD has sent us down on earth is to protect and flourish life on earth and other planets. That's our duty.  Not utilizing every available thing even if it's required or not. I am guilty of looting mother Earth. - Bhavesh Chhatbar


Anger is so bad it can kill even in the festivals of unity & social harmony. [Refer to Sakal newspaper in Pune dated 31-September-2009.] - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Nature is So Beautiful

In nature, everything looks so imperfect and unscaled, but the formation is so beautiful

Everybody Wants to Say

The human world is a clutter, where Everybody wants to say Nobody wants to listen - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Stop Worrying!

Good people will never think evil about you… Evil people's evil thoughts will never affect you… I don't think you need to worry about anything!

Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

I got my first award for the blog. Thanks Bharat for your consideration. There are 3 rules for the receiver as Bharat states…

1. You have to pass this award to 10 more worthy bloggers.
2. Acknowledge the one who passed you this award and make a link back to the blog of the one gave you the award.
3. Name 10 things about yourself.

I pass this on to…
1. Sarah at Dayspring
2. Lucy at What is left of a whole new life
3. Erdei Anca at Anca Photography
4. joo at Daily haiku
5. dAwN at Dawns bloggy blog
6. Dusty Lens at Dusty Lens - North Metro and Beyond
7. SAPhotographs (Joan) at South African Photographs
8. JM at travelling
9. Cloudia at Comfort Spiral
10. Gramma Ann at Ann's Quotes and Things

I don't mean that the other blogs are not as good. The above are the random 10 I picked from the dozens of great blogs I know. Apologies for those not listed, but you too are as great as these.

I acknowledge by linking to Bharat's Unseen Rajasthan blog. I will inform him on his blog.

10 things about me are…
1. My wife and my family are the most important people in my life.
2. I feel, a hot cup of coffee at a location like this is more worth than having millions to gamble.
3. I shouldn't be praising myself, but I like my this new blog on fresh quotes just as much as I like my Information is Everything blog.
4. I'm a believer that for humans, GOD is those things that they do not understand — like the Amarnath Shivling. For me, GOD is everything that I understand or don't, be it an atom of a rusted metal piece.
5. We all say we want to save the precious environment on the earth. Then why do we demand everything? Why am I pressing keys of this keyboard and contributing on using the electricity pulses it uses and the forests cut to create it? We have to stop discussing and start acting. I'm already working on a project. I'll declare it when results come up.
6. I hope I would have continued bicycling. I am not sure how much I have polluted the earth, lost my health and strength, and wasted in the last 5 years. But it's never too late.
7. I like to be happy… always!
8. For me, money matters. But the feeling of satisfaction matters more.
9. Roaming is the next best thing I can do after roaming :)
10. Photography? Oh! Please don't utter that word in front of me. You will end up seeing me snap everything around you including you and your bike/car, and you can't stop me.

PS: You can search for unusual things like Amarnath Shivling mentioned in this post, in the below custom search box. Actually, you can search for everything :)

Everything is for Everyone

I don't like the human policy of ownership. Nature gave everything for everyone to share and care for. We were bare when born and will be bare when dead.

Stuck in Concrete

I have quite a lack of knowledge… I'm still living in the concrete forest!

Clouds of Rivalry

In the dense clouds of rivalry, does the cloud of honesty have any place?

Reflection of Thoughts

Why do we call it a reflection of thoughts if right is left in the reflections?