Quote on Anger Control

Kill anger, or it will kill you. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Quote on being positive

The benefit of driving a substandard car is that you pay less on insurance. Be positive :) - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Quote on expectations and happiness

Expectations are inversely proportionate to happiness; the more you expect, the less happiness you gain. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Quote on self realization

It is true that we discover ourselves in our worst times. Wonder why we do not follow those realizations for lifetime. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Quote on employment

Employment is like a rented house. The rent will never make the house your property. Your sincere-most efforts in employment will never make you the owner of the brand value and goodwill you create. - Bhavesh Chhatbar

Quote to inspire daring

One needs to dare to change the world's perception. Before Gandhi, no one believed that freedom fights can be bloodless. - Bhavesh Chhatbar